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Visit: http://FullerBrushGetStarted.com
and enter #9942848 for the referring distributor.


GateDear Future Associate,

Thank you for opening the gates of the Fuller Brush home business opportunity, a great way to gain financial success.  Of the thousands of 'business opportunities' out there, most will be out of business by next year.

A Real Company with Real Products: The FULLER BRUSH COMPANY has stood the test of time, building a reputation of quality and integrity - an American Tradition and Legend since 1906 - A Century of Superior Home Cleaning Solutions. Few companies in America have the name recognition and product quality satisfaction guarantee that this "Sleeping Giant" has. Fuller manufactures over 250 Quality products for home and business in the heartland of America, "Designed to Work, Crafted to Last, and Satisfaction Guaranteed", that every home or small business needs and wants: natural-bristle hairbrushes, uniquely styled specialty cleaning brushes, brooms, mops, environmental cleaners (ready to use and concentrates)without harsh fumes, personal care, car care, gift items, and a steady influx of new products. Fuller Brush even had two Hollywood movies made about them, which starred Red Skelton and Lucille Ball. The Fuller Gold Program's goal is to restore the Fuller Brush Company to the pre-eminent role in American life it once had, and will have again! Won't you JOIN US in our quest?

If you haven't yet, CALL the 24 hr.
Company-provided Information Recording

Q.  Why should I join Fuller Brush?

A.  Work your own schedule and Earn $300 or $3000/month, or more, without the overhead of a store, inventory, thousands of dollars in investment, or employees to tie you down. No monthly requirements. 24hr audio newsletter with the latest news is at 1-800-732-1132. Why work hard building your financial future with a company or an opportunity that may be gone next year, when you can team up with an American Legend? Start for under $50! TIME Magazine credits Fuller Brush with an 80% name recognition, which makes your job much easier. Public response makes this business FUN. You don't have to sell people on this company or the products - one of the biggest obstacles in most programs. You are more productive - no wasted time explaining the company's name or products. Fuller has a diversified product line that people use everyday, priced to be economical over time with their superior quality. We have real products that the American public needs and wants and uses every day, but they don't know how to get them. Fuller Brush products are for people who want quality economical products in their homes that will last and get the job done right. They know that Quality saves both money and time. "The Fuller Difference" means your customers will be calling to tell you how great the products work and how they do MORE than the product claims on the label, instead of less like store brand products. That means repeat business. Fuller is over 100 Years old. Instead of people asking who you are and why they would need your product, the general response will be: "Fuller Brush! Where have you been? I haven't seen you in ages. Do you still have ____? Can I have a catalog?" It makes business so much easier, and fun.

Fuller Brush has changed its old door to door sales system into a modern sales, mail-order, internet, and Network Marketing program (with online signup), so we have a wide-open opportunity in an established secure company. Unlike manynNetworking opportunities, Fuller Brush is an actual manufacturer, (MADE IN THE USA, IT IS IN KANSAS) cutting out a level of middlemen, and can offer product value apart from the compensation plan. The Company doesn't recruit anybody; everyone must be sponsored by another distributor. Many customers are joining as distributors because they can see the wide-open market for residual income. 'Clean Up' in this business via recruiting others, and direct or indirect sales via sharing the catalog with your friends and co-workers, mail-order, internet, home parties, fund-raisers, business to business, advertising, flea markets or shows. Even friends and family will be glad to see you offering the Fuller Brush quality product line.  

    The Fuller name not only opens doors; it opens hearts and minds. Whether you are looking for customers or distributors, when you mention Fuller Brush, people listen.

Here are some reasons people are joining OUR Winning Team.  What would you like?

a.) TEAMWORK. Start and maintain Your Own Business with little to no startup or overhead expense. Be in business for yourself, but not by yourself, with our Team's 18 years experience guiding you. Join the right Company AND the right Team. If you are talking with other distributors about joining, ask if they are on our team. We have helped our team members to ALL of the Director or above advancements that have happened in the whole Company THIS century, because of our training materials.Our Team has an exclusive interactive distributor training website, with a Discussion, Q&A, and Announcements Board that other Fuller Brush groups do not have, plus the free print newsletters.

b.) Wholesale Preferred Customers. Buy direct from Fuller at a discount, or just sell enough to get your products FREE, your commission paying for your own products. If you appreciate quality economical products that last a long time and do the job right the first time, buy Fuller Brush or Stanley Home products for yourselves and family (or your business).

c.) SALES +/or RECRUITING. Make a living just selling the products. Fuller has provided Americans with full and part time incomes for 100 years. The top salespeople sell over $8000 per month personally. People who don't think they want network marketing DO like knowing that if someone says they want to sell too, instead of them becoming your competition, you can sign them up and they deal directly with Fuller for everything, but you get referral commissions on their sales.

d.) Mail-order/internet. Build a nationwide business with repeat sales, or a network marketing organization with a quality product line, and have the Help and Support needed to succeed. See page 4: The Company will give you a FREE website selling both Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products.

e.) Fund-raising. Churches or organizations can join for FREE to raise money through our program.

f.) MONEY. Many people want lots of spending money, or a full time income to get away from a dead-end job that they hate, to be in the business of controlling and increasing their leisure time, don't quit over the first detour in their success plan, and are positive people who enjoy talking with other people.

g.) NO requirements. YOU decide which of the above aspects of the business that you enjoy and do. No monthly quotas. Positive Motivating Public response.

   If You continue to do what you've always done,
    You'll continue to get what you've always got.  Is It Enough?


    Distributors purchase products directly from the company at wholesale online or by mail or toll-free telephone.  There are NO minimum or maximum QUOTAS.  Fuller's generous commission structure provides an excellent income just retailing, with a wide variety of sales methods available to suit part-time or full-time endeavors. However, we recommend taking advantage of all 3 profit centers. Fuller's consumables are priced right and save money by doing the job right the first time, costing less per use, and any customer will tell you how economical the brooms, mops, and brushes are because they last so long. You can be excited about doing people a favor, letting them buy Fuller Brush products again.

    The next page shows the commissions you can receive on your purchases and sales. All new distributors and wholesale Preferred Customers start off as Sales Associates, earning 20%-24%* on your first $600 PGV. (*Manager Drive bonus rewards "producers" with another 10% on your first $600 - see below). PGV is the retail value of your Personal purchases/sales and your Group's Volume if you recruit other distributors. If you sell/purchase $200 your first month, you bypass 20% earning 22% on the entire amount; $400 your first month will give you 24% on the entire amount. The $600 requirement to become a Manager accumulates from month to month. You take your percentage off your orders immediately and send in only the wholesale price. Use the products yourself if you want to be successful in telling others what you sell. Fuller products go on special every month in convenient inexpensive 16-page full color catalogs, and you take your percentage off those discounted prices!

    As soon as you have accumulated $600 in retail product volume (before discounts), you become a Manager permanently (until your next promotion). Managers earn a minimum 26% commission, based on monthly volume, and potential commissions jump very quickly up to 45% or more with as little as $950 retail volume per month, giving you the incentive to build at least some retail business for immediate extra cash. Mail-order and internet sales are included in your personal sales figures.**(see chart) Professional retailers consistently selling $1750/month personally can earn an extra 1% quarterly bonus; $2000+ 2%; $2500+ 3%; and $3000+/month an extra 4%, giving you 50% off everything you buy or sell.



    This is Fuller's best seller. Much better than other brands. That's why they want every dealer to have one. Cleans all types of carpet, even outdoor grass carpet, plus hard floors. Businesses need them to keep their place looking sharp between professional cleanings. Much easier than getting a vacuum out.

1.) Get a Sweeper basically for free in the large #R205 distributor kit when you join.

2.) If, as a new distributor, your very first order in your first or second month is over $150 product total (before your discount), you earn another FREE $60 CARPET SWEEPER.

3.) If you sponsor a new distributor and help/encourage him/her to qualify for #2 above, then YOU also receive a FREE $60 CARPET SWEEPER.


   *Fuller Brush will give you $60 cash, plus a Magnetic Car Sign, and 1000 business cards when you become a Manager by selling $600 within the first five full months after the month you join (above your regular commissions!). And you receive $30 of that cash when you reach $300. This gives all new distributors who want to run this as a business a chance to increase their starting commission from 20-24% to 30-34% including that extra $60 cash. Sponsor and help a new distributor earn the $60+ cash bonus, and YOU receive $45 cash, or $90 cash if s/he reaches $1200 in sales in that time period.

    I recommend that you do something that most network marketing companies tell you not to do. To be successful, your market is the general public, right? So, Talk to your friends, parents, co-workers, especially those over 40 who remember us best, "what do they think of Fuller Brush and our products?" You will see how easily Fuller Brush opens doors and minds.


    Very few if any Networking companies out there today offer such a complete mail-order and internet sales program. Fuller Direct will help you build your business from your home. Fuller has the name recognition to get people to look at your catalog and buy. You place your ID# on the catalogs and your customers can order directly from Fuller Brush by mail or toll-free telephone. Or, you send people to your FREE* ID#-encoded www.FullerDirect.com secure shopping website (no computer required!), which also includes Stanley Home Products. Fuller ships the product direct and mails you the retail profit and your customer list. And, your customers are coded as your customers for repeat business. You can also call orders in yourself for dropship to your customers.   *Free means free setup and also no monthly fees!


    Fuller Brush is much more than a 100+ year old retailing opportunity now. You also have the Network Marketing opportunity of duplicating yourself and your efforts by finding other distributors for Fuller and gaining the referral commission right from your first day with no qualification period. In Fuller Brush there is no hassle; they order directly from Fuller. Your upline will help you to help them. Networking is simply word of mouth advertising, telling others about something you like, just like you do with a movie or restaurant. When you find other people who want to make money in a proven established company (or who want to buy wholesale direct as a Preferred Customer), you sign them up and get paid over-ride commissions on all of their sales, even though they deal directly with the Company for products and commission checks. And, unlike other companies that hide behind "wholesale" or "BV points", Fuller pays commissions and residuals based on the retail dollar figures of you and your distributors - in effect doubling the downline dollar pay-out compared to other companies. Earn money with healthy personal and internet sales, AND receive a residual on-going income from Fuller for helping others to earn money. Check your business progress of fullerdirect customers and downline dealers on your private back-office website. You also get a third website with an Official on-line application to sign up distributors yourself. All three websites are free to active distributors.

    All of your downline distributors' volume is added to yours to boost you up the commission ladder, and you earn over-ride commissions of your final percentage minus their percentage (ie 46% minus 20% = 26% to reward you for finding a new distributor). You get paid on each of your personal distributors' total group volume no matter how many distributors are in each group. Build as wide and deep as you want - you get paid. There are NO sponsoring or retailing requirements to have a group; you do need $35 personal purchases or sales each month to be active and receive over-rides; simply replace your household products with Fuller and find a few customers to buy that volume for you. Nobody earns anything just signing people up; we earn over-rides on actual product movement, so sales and/or self-use of the product is necessary. Networkers earn more on downline volume when there IS downline volume, and Fuller creates volume.

    The next level is Director. Directors earn at least 41% and up to 52%. Requirements are: For 3 months in a row, you need $3000+ group volume, at least $1500 outside your largest group, at least 15 distributors ordering $35+ each month, and at least 5 of them on your level 1. Directors earn 4%-30% over-rides on their distributors' and Directors' total group retail volume.

 *Other qualifications are required to earn 53%-55%.
**See previous page for another 4%.

Sales Associate
(All New Distributors)
Group Volume
 $0.00 - $199.99 20%
 $200.00 - $399.99 22%
 $400.00 - $600.00 24%
 Promoted to Manager after
 accumulating $600   >>>>>>>> 
 of business.
 See also the
 Manager Drive Promo
Group Volume
 $0.00 - $74.99 26%   
 $75.00 - $149.99 29%   
 $150.00 - $249.99 32%   
 $250.00 - $399.99 35%   
 $400.00 - $549.99 38%   
 $550.00 - $749.99 41%   
 $750.00 - $949.99 44%   
 $950.00 - $1749.99 45%   
 $1750.00+ 46%**
Group Volume
 $0.00 - $749.99 41%  
 $750.00 - $949.99 44%  
 $950.00 - $1749.99 45%  
 $1750.00 - $2999.99 46%  
 $3000.00 - $4999.99 50%  
 $5000.00 - $7999.99 51%  
 $8000.00+ 52%  
 $8000.00+ 53%*
 $8000.00+ 54%*
 $8000.00+ 55%*


    Joining the DOWNEAST WINNING TEAM branch of Fuller Brush Distributors provides you with the training and assistance to be successful. Tell us what you want, and the DownEast Winning Team will help you in whatever you'd like to do in this business, without hassling you, and make available the training to get started off profitably in your own FULLER BRUSH business. Company and Full-time Upline support are both available via toll-free 800 line. Our Team adds these FREE benefits to what the Company gives you the DWT Newsletter and Email News, company-approved training and promotional material written by our Winning Team, and our exclusive valuable Distributor Resource, Q&A, Discussion/Announcements & Training Website. Your success means our success!



   All Distributor Kits give you the right to order directly from Fuller Brush at wholesale for your own purchases and sales, and to recruit others. If you plan to make money, start off right with a product assortment kit (no upgrading later). You need to be familiar with the quality of what you're selling to be successful in this business. Kits include a one year registration as a distributor - 12 months of professional support and services, the use of the Fuller Brush name, wholesale buying rights, a secure sales website, a distributor back-office website, sales promotions and incentives, below wholesale new product demo offers, monthly specials, Toll-free customer service, order line, and Sales Hotline Audio Newsletter (1-800-732-1132), itemized payments to you and your downline, product information and training, quarterly recognition publications, and much more. If you plan on building a business, Fuller will invest in you with the R204 or R205 kits, which are better than free with below wholesale products. Kit Price Specials are available for a limited time.   Free S&H on all kits; please add sales tax for your state

#R202  FREE KIT: (reg $4.95). Includes 2 Master Catalogs, 4 monthly specials catalogs, and a business manual. With this kit only, you must order $35+ within 30 days to activate your account.

#R203  BASIC STARTER KIT: $9.95 + tax (reg $14.95). Various supplies. NO products or samples.

#R204 GOLD STARTER KIT: GOOD VALUE. Special $14.95 + tax. (Reg. $24.95) - $75+ value. Includes: previous kit plus 24 Fulsol sample packets, 25 Fuller Brush Man/Woman Letter Openers, and 7 full size products ($43 retail) for you to use or sell: Shower Track & Grout Brush, Stainless Steel Sponges box of 3, Vanilla Air Freshener, Witch Hazel Lotion, Clean Cotton Perfumed Deodorant Block and Hang-up Case, and a Hand n Nail Brush. Also includes Fuller Gold Business Manual, "Welcome" and "How do I begin?" information, 5 Master Catalogs, 20 Monthly sales brochures, Receipt book, Product Promo and Business Opportunity flyers, Business Opportunity Presentation Guide, 2 applications, telephone tear-off-tab flyers, Purchase orders and price lists.

#R205 GOLD SELECT BUSINESS BUILDERS KIT: BEST VALUE. Special $39.95 + tax. (Reg. $49.95) - $140+ value. Includes everything in #R204, plus: 10 more Master Catalogs, 2 bumper stickers, Stain Treatment Guides, Take-One brochures and stand, a Fuller Brush Product Tote Bag, a $60 Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper (Fuller's #1 volume producing product), and much more. (Pre-sell the sweeper to pay for the kit!)

    Join securely on the web at www.FullerBrushGetStarted.com to avoid paperwork, using ID#9942848, and Fuller will tell me when you join, and you are on your way to profits. (Or, fill out and sign a paper application, mail the top copy to the Company, yellow to me, and you'll receive your kit in about a week. Checks including tax, payable to "Fuller Brush Company". Send the second copy to me so I'll know you've joined.) I'll forward your name to our DownEast Winning Team Support Center for our free Newsletter, and if you have email, the link to our exclusive training website.

    If you have any questions or misconceptions before you join (why else wouldn't you be rushing this off to me?), please CALL or email me. Free mailorder specials catalog is available on request. The Master Catalog is $2 (or is free in your kit, or in your retail order if you just want to buy).

DownEast Winning Team Recruiting Mail-Fax-Email Pack ©2000-2010 for our members only. Rev 1/10




    104 years and going strong! This is a summary of what you will see in our quarterly 4-page print Newsletter. As a member of our team, you will receive this Newsletter FREE in your mail every 3 months from the head of the nationwide Fuller Brush DownEast Winning Team. You will also receive email updates in between, with any late-breaking news and advancements. By joining with us, you are in effect gaining the experience-sharing of Hundreds of other distributors as your upline, instead of just myself and a couple others.

The Future is Bright - Wear Your Shades!


All new dealers promoted to the Manager level, and their sponsors, are listed here.


And YES, our team, the fastest growing in Fuller, has this column as a regular feature also, because we work as a team, and had every Director or above promotion this past decade. This organization is GOING PLACES!

Sponsor at least 2 in one month, front-line or in depth, to be listed)   

Many distributors in our organization are active recruiters, and some are occasional recruiters. And everyone likes knowing that if they come across a customer who says "I want to sell too", instead of them becoming your competition or extra work for you, they order directly from the Company, checks are paid to them directly by the Company, and YOU can receive a referral commission based on their sales (as long as you have $35 volume yourself).

Over $300 monthly personal/mailorder/web volume.

We have a healthy list each month of people who sell in person or by mailorder/web $300 to $8000 or more of products each month, and they are recognized here.

◊  2003  saw the addition of Stanley Home Products and monthly specials to our websites.

◊  2004  brought our Distributor Resource website with our daily volume stats, mailorder customers, and downline volume, and;

◊  2008  saw the addition of an official on-line application to sign up new distributors. All websites free.


    Selling or recruiting is all about building relationships with your clients, and telling the story about your products. Many new names are recognized each month. The record breaking group volume increases in our organization continue each month. Our new Fuller & Stanley websites are pulling in lots of sales. Our team members are out there making it happen and are top leaders in the entire Company! People need our products every month of the year. Keep American jobs and the American economy going strong!  SAVE MONEY on your own wholesale purchases, and MAKE MONEY on your own sales and downline sales.

This section tells success stories of who is doing what.  And we have Q&A, and a sense of humor.

Q. Who should I look for in sponsoring the best Fuller Brush dealers? Are the best dealers those in their 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, or 70's?  And are they men or women?


Q. Why should I spend my time working for Fuller Brush?

A. In the first place, you're not working for Fuller Brush; you're working for yourself, using the products and system that Fuller provides to you. Plus, Fuller Brush is proven to be an official "GOOD" program: it will help you Get Out Of Debt. You need to ask yourself if you will give Fuller Brush a fair chance to work, by giving it as much effort for a year as your boss expects you to make at your JOB (Just Over Broke).

    Fuller provides the Sales Hotline to tell us all the latest on websites, catalogs, extra specials, so CALL the FULLER BRUSH SALES HOTLINE (Audio Newsletter) EVERY WEEK at 1-800-732-1132 (24hr Recording) so you don't miss the latest news, new product announcements and demos, & price specials.


Giving income examples is always hypothetical, and Sales Associate and Manager percentages vary, making figuring difficult. For those of you who have wanted actual income figures and the math, here's one potential. What you earn of course depends on you, but here are some possibilities. Want to earn more than this, faster? Simply sell more and recruit more.

compiled by RR/Fuller Brush Downeast Winning Team (FB-DWT) 5/04, Independent Distributors

MONTH 1  (examples assume that your very first order is over $150 retail to qualify for the free sweeper)

A. Sell $300 your first month. You receive 22% off immediately, plus a $60 Carpet Sweeper, and a $30 Manager Drive bonus. Net result: $350 of products for $204 (= 41% net commission), and   $146 profit.        {There is also a fast start bonus to give you even more}

B. Sell $600 your first month. You receive 24% off immediately, plus a $60 Carpet Sweeper, and a $60 Manager Drive bonus. Net result: $650 of products for $396 (= 39% net commission), and  $254 profit. PLUS, as part of the Manager Drive bonus, you get 1000 Free double-sided business cards and a magnetic car sign. Any sales after this $600 are credited on the Manager pay scale, earning you 41% on $550, or 44% on $750, or more.


Assuming you achieved the Manager level last month (B. above), RECRUIT 3 new dealers in your first 2 months who each sell $300 in your second month. They earn example A above. You only sell $300 this month. That is $1200 total group volume, pushing you to 45% discount. You earn $135 on your sales, plus commission from recruits of (45% - their 22% = 23%) = $207. Plus since your 3 recruits earned free Carpet Sweepers, so do YOU = another $150 profit.   Net profit on recruiting and $300 personal sales:  $492 profit.


RECRUIT 3 more new dealers who each sell $300. They earn example A above. You sell $300 this month. Your first 3 dealers also sell $300 each. That is $2100 total group volume, pushing you to 46% discount. You earn $138 on your sales, plus a commission from recruits of (46% - the 3 new dealers' 22% = 24%) = $216. Plus since 3 of your recruits earn free Carpet Sweepers, so do YOU = another $150. You also earn the over-ride of your first 3 dealers' second month sales (46% - their 24% = 22%) = $198. Plus, since they advance to Manager and earn the Manager Drive bonus, YOU earn the Sponsoring Drive bonus of $45 each = $135.        Net profit from recruiting 6 people, and $300 personal sales:  $837 profit.


Sell more, recruit more, earn more. This is only 3 months of doing a little. The Fast Start bonuses are not even included. If your new dealers also recruit new dealers, it increases your entire volume that you get paid on. Commissions are calculated on the total volume in each of your distributor's groups, no matter how many levels down they go. Build a productive organization of distributors, plug them into our success system, and help them and yourself when they have questions. You can quickly build to a full-time income.   46% is the maximum Manager discount, but certainly not the limit. If you AND your distributors recruit enough people so that you have at least 15 people ordering $35+ every month (at least 5 of them personally sponsored) with a total volume of at least $3000, then you can advance to Director and earn 50-52% discount.   Helping others to make money is a terrific way to earn a living!

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